Sport Star really does make a big difference - not just to the participants, but to all the staff who are involved too. Below are some of the testimonials we have received that highlight what Sport Star is all about.

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Louise Cornish / 07-02-2016, 05:48

+3 -0

10.0 "Great club fantastic for kids"

Katie luckett / 07-02-2016, 00:44

+3 -0

10.0 "my son Charlie loves Sports Star! He is always full of excitement when I collect him and can't wait to go back "

Jo Knight / 07-02-2016, 00:04

+4 -0

10.0 "Fantastic holiday club for all kids, not just the sporty ones. My children have been going for years and live it. Great activities, made by better by the superb staff :)"

Kerry Smith / 06-02-2016, 22:21

+3 -0

10.0 "Fantastic holiday club and party host for all children. So much variety with bouncy castles and water fights days aswell as the sports. Amazing staff and facilities! ! #iwishiwasakidagain "

Theresa Goodrich / 06-02-2016, 20:27

+4 -0

10.0 "My children just love Sport Star - the activities are fantastic and the staff amazing!!!"

Helen Holder / 06-02-2016, 20:20

+3 -0

10.0 "Harry attended for the first time and had a ball"

Lucia Berridge / 06-02-2016, 18:16

+2 -0

10.0 "Happy anniversary to you for April. Gabriella and Ollie love having fun at sport star. They're always well looked after, entertained and they come home so happy. A great activity camp!"

Amy Howden / 06-02-2016, 17:33

+3 -1

8.7 "Stan absolutely loves this club and Molly has gained a lot of confidence from going."

Clari Whittington / 01-02-2016, 12:00

+4 -0

10.0 "Thank you so much for a brilliant party for my daughter Clari. She had such a lovely time and so did I. Clari wants to book a party for next year! Thank you Andy, rich and Alex. You were brilliant."

Rachel Williams / 18-10-2015, 21:10

+5 -0

10.0 "Eva and Ben really enjoyed their sportstar party. Well done to the tea for entertaining 56 kids with a fun packed afterwards. Very easy for us parents to organise the food etc whilst the kids play. "